About US

Founded in 2016 SWFL Furs is a local fur group with over 120+ furs located primarily in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Sarasota counties; but we also welcome everyone from surrounding areas as well!

The group primarily meets in the Fort Myers area several times a month, should weather and pandemic restrictions permit. 

Most of our group activity and planning take place on the app Telegram (16+, link below), feel free to join! 

We also have a Discord server that's mostly used for voice/video chats and playing games together, that can also be found below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check here to see if we have the answer for you! If not, please feel free to reach out.

Is the group still active?

Yes! We're still very active hosting events as often as we can.

How active are you?

We often have several hundred messages a day sent in our Telegram chat!

How many people are in the group?

We currently have over 120+ people in the main group chat.

Where do you usually meet up?

Gulf Coast Town Center tends to be our main stomping grounds but we're always open to suggestions!

I want to join, but I am shy.

A lot of us were the same way when we first joined. But we're a very welcoming group and you're sure to fit right in!

Do I need to live in SWFL to join?

If you're planning to move to the area or just visiting, you're welcome to join our chats!

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